A Closer Look

A Closer Look at the FMS and Small Group Training
Anyone interested in training at Performance Locker will notice something different when first introduced. Performance Locker is not a come-and-go-as-you-please environment and one of the most obvious differences starts before your first training session ever begins. Each member of the PL studio is taken through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS). The FMS is a seven movement assessment that helps our team of certified trainers and instructors personalize each experience to fit your particular needs.
The FMS lets us know your strengths and weakness and helps us identify any cracks in the foundation of your movement patterns. This information helps us determine two important training variables; what movements you need to be doing to correct weaknesses or imbalances; and what key movements could potentially cause more harm than good.
During Small Tribe Training and Chalkboard Sessions each client wears colored wrist bands so the coaches can easily identify your areas of strength and weakness. The bands let PL coaches know when it is ok to push you and when we need to adjust a movement to provide you with the best-suited modification. This is all done stealthily, thanks to the band system, so you never feel like you are singled out.
Don’t get too comfortable with your bands though – the goal is to get rid of them!  We spend time in each Small Tribe Training workout actively correct imbalances so you can improve movement patterns and get rid of those bands. Once you are “cleared” of all bands you earn the coveted Black Band and become a Movement Jedi (that band you get to keep)! You also get to put a tick mark on our “kill” wall which offers a running tally of successful band losses from amongst your fellow PL family members.

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