Have You Met Our Friends, Colossus & Rogue?

Have you met our friends Colossus and Rogue?

If you haven’t noticed, our Small Tribe Training cycle workouts have fun names. That’s so we can feel more connected to them when we are sweating. It’s like you’re hanging out with a friend. Except your friend is a superhero and has been trained by a robot with nuclear power. Just kidding. We just wanted to give them fun names.

Small Tribe Training: Strength + Stability | Meet Colossus and Rogue

Why We Do Itclossus-x-men
Strength is a sexy word today but what is it really? At Performance Locker we define strength as the battle between your body and outside forces (like gravity). Functional strength is when you win this battle, moving weight with bad form is when gravity is winning (which means you loose). Strength workouts teach your body parts to work together to produce or resist force (like in real life). We teach your core to connect your upper and lower half and your limbs and joints to efficiently turn stored energy into positive force.

What does that do for you? Builds durability in the body by teaching it to distribute force effectively (like a suspension bridge). The key to good strength training is that it builds the foundation support system (joint integrity & core stability) in conjunction with prime movers (popular muscles, back, chest, legs, etc.). That way your joints can support the force your body is capable of producing leading to greater strength, fewer aches, and long-term joint integrity.

What To Expectrogue-x-men
Strength day is the chameleon of Performance Locker workouts. For some it will look more like a balance or stability training; for some it will be more of a focused movement day; and for others it may be a day where you move some heavy weights. Our coaching methods and programming allow us to make the strength workout focus on what you need most; stability, movement or loaded movement. It will also look different for every exercise you do. Movement patterns your body likes are movements we can challenge, the movements your body doesn’t do as easily are patterns we focus on fixing. The more efficient your movements become, the more layers of challenge we can add. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the fun begins.

How To Get The Most Out Of It
You have to learn to control it before you move it and you have to learn to move it before you can load it. Squats start with good postural and pelvic control. Then, we learn to keep control through movement. Then, we get to add weight. If we add weight to dysfunction it will only strengthen the dysfunction. Ego has to be checked at the door on Strength days. Be realistic with where you are at and you will go far to improve. Be focused in the moment and connected with your movement. Be patient, earn your progression and the strength will come. Keep in mind, the part of the workout you like the least is most likely the part you need the most.

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