5 Less Known (Yet Still Amazing) Christmas Movies Worth Watching This Year!

For every “It’s a wonderful life”, “ELF” and “Christmas Vacation” there are a number of other Christmas Movies that either don’t hit the mark or fall through the cracks.  Just because they don’t make the short list of greatest Christmas movies of all time (which is a tough list to crack) does not mean they don’t’ bring something special to the table.  So if you are all “classicsed” (totally a word) out this year here are 5 that are well worth another (or first) watch this holiday season.
Home Alone 1&2
“Home Alone” seems to make a number of peoples’ holiday must watch list but not everybody’s.  This is 100% a Christmas movie as it is directly tied to the season with the magical moment when a little shit realizes the true value of family on Christmas morning.  However many people forget about its little brother, a movie I like to call Home Alone 1.5 as it is a carbon copy of the first except for taking place in NY instead of a Chicago suburb (like a John Hughes movie can take place anywhere else).  Normally I hate rip off, money grab sequels but for some reason this one works for me.  “Home alone 2” is much like a the “Saw” sequels, you know the basic plot/story will be the same but watching the new death traps for the Wet Bandits (now known as the Sticky Bandits; spoilers) is worth the watch.
Batman Returns
Have you had enough joy and good will towards man this season?  Do you desperately need a break from the holiday cheer and just want to watch people in capes and bright outfits punch evil in the face?  Batman Returns has enough mention of the holiday as to not have people question the seasonal viewing plus you get Danny DeVito looking rounder than you every thought a person could and Michelle Pfeiffer in a cat suit, both are a win.  Plus, Christopher Walken.
Die Hard
This is totally a Christmas movie and a damn good one, you could argue with me but you’d be wrong. Moving on.
Reindeer Games
If you seek awesomely bad this Christmas look no further!  With a cast of Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise and Charlize Theron this movie can’t miss, right? Wrong!  With more plot holes than a screen door and a more elaborate evil plan than a Bond villain on acid could cook up this film somehow goes full circle beyond terrible and somehow coming all the way back around to amazing.  Make sure to watch with friends who are sarcastic and enjoy heckling after the kids have gone to sleep, serve alcohol to increase enjoyment.
The Ref
Kevin Spacy and Dennis Leary are beyond brilliant in this film.  To be honest I don’t even know where to go with the description of this movie as it is so unique anything I say will not truly do it justice.  Do yourself a solid and check this one out as soon as possible.  It was directed by the late Ted Demme who also directed “Blow” with Johnny Depp.  The writing, dialog and characters are perfect and how the holiday theme is not only tied in but make the story so watchable is brilliant.

— Casey