boxing 350Heavy bag work is one of our favorite ways to train endurance at the Performance Locker.  Boxing teaches valuable movement skills that transcend a variety of other activities and sports.  The environment is not only intense but engaging.  When developing the skill of boxing the time flies by as you are connected with the activity both in body and mind (much different than grinding away on a treadmill slowly watching the minutes pass;-) To get the most out of your workouts technique is critical.  We work on the proper stance, movements, defense and developing your punching repertoire, long of the short is we want to build Boxers, not just punchers. At the end of the day this is real boxing for people who have no interest in getting hit in the face.

Saturday’s class is held at 7am each week.  Workouts take you through an extensive warm up to build and prepare the physical characteristics used for the sport followed buy 10 – three minute rounds working a variety of skills and drills.   We provide gloves and a bag for each individual but also have gloves for purchase if you would like your own pair to take home.

Tuesday (6:30pm) & Thursday (noon) circuit classes are a great format to work both technique and conditioning.  After our warm up of jump roping and med ball drills you will rotate through 6 different stations each for two minutes, we complete the circuit twice for a total of 12 rounds.  Each station is unique and will give you different opportunities to work on either punching technique or conditioning.  Some of the favorite stations include the speed bag, double end bag and one-on-one focus mitt work with the coach.

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