Fear is biggest hindrance you will run into when trying something new, reaching a goal or making a change.

We idolize those we view as “fearless”, people we perceive don’t have the same fear, doubt and worry that we do.  We believe this characteristic is what allows them to live a life we strive for; since we have fears it’s easy to feel as though we will never be like them or do the amazing things they do.

Fear is not only natural but necessary.  Fear is an adaptation that has allowed our species to survive as long as we have by providing checks and balances.  Fear is hardwired into our brains and its sole purpose is to make us pause and take inventory before trying something new.

Fear is like a worrisome friend who’s job is to assume everything will go wrong, the buzz kill of the group, the one who reminds us that hanging out on the roof after a few drinks or saying “I’ll be right back” before going to investigate a strange noise is not a good idea.

The reason we are so hard wired for fear is during a more primitive time it was a much bigger part of our day.   Fear kept us alive from wild animals, hostiles, poisonous foods; sever weather and a number of other thinks with in each given day that could kill us.

In today’s modern world we actually have very little be afraid of, most the for mentioned are not a part of our daily lives anymore so our incredibly imaginative fear centers have learned to invent things to be afraid of in an effort to keep their skills sharp.

Which brings me to my point; no one is fearless.  We all have fears but the truth is most of them are not rational.

Fear is hardwired into us and driven by self-preservation will always come up with reasons why we should not do/try something unfamiliar just in case it might be dangerous.  Those fears are like a car alarm; their job is to make us pause and evaluate the situation.  What most of us forget or don’t think about is that our actions after that point are entirely up to us.  We are in control, not fear.  Next time your fear alarm goes off play a little game called, “What’s the worst that could happen”.  For me that serves two purposes; first I can look at all my fears surrounding an issue and realize the majority of them are unfounded or illogical.  Second it makes me look at the worst case scenario and ask myself, “can I live with that?”  If the answer is no than I can pass on the experience/decision with no regret.  If the answer is yes I can go in with confidence and not FEAR failure/the unexpected. Either way I walk away happy and in control of my own destiny, fear is a shitty driver.

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