Fire Yoga

Fire yoga is an invitation to explore and reconnect to your body. Postures promote heat and inner awareness while strengthening, lengthening, and balancing. Reconnect the mind and body while moving through different poses in our heated studio, temperature ranges 85 and 90 degrees. Level One and Level Two Fire Yoga are offered to accommodate experience levels. Click Here to Sign Up

Level One
Great for beginners or experienced practitioners. Focus on breath, balance, and body awareness. We welcome all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Level Two
A sequenced flow connecting movement and breath. This class is vigorous in nature, however students are encouraged to take breaks as needed and modifications can be offered. Prior Yoga experience is a prerequisite for this class.

Tips for Beginning a Warm Yoga Practice:

  • Be hydrated – this starts the day before and up until class begins
  • Having your stomach on the emptier side is preferred
  • Wear light layers of clothing
  • Arrive a few minutes before class to meet your instructor and become familiar with area
  • Bring a full size bath towel or beach towel to place on top of your yoga mat, this will help prevent a slippery mat! Or purchase your own Gaiam Grippy Hot Yoga Towel here from our online store
  • Bring a water bottle (cold bottled water is available to purchase)
  • Our locker rooms are stocked with shampoo, body wash and conditioner if you should chose to shower after; Only thing we do not provide is bath towels
  • This offering is recommended for individuals with prior Yoga experience. If you are new to Yoga we invite you to try our Gentle Yoga class first 🙂
  • Individuals with joint or muscle pain, joint replacements, or past injuries should consult their doctor prior to participating
  • Anyone with cardiovascular conditions including high and low blood pressure, anyone who has neurological challenges, anyone sensitive to heat, or if you are Pregnant we discourage participation in this offering

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