Yoga and Pilates 
All Performance Locker offerings incorporate the connection of the mind’s awareness of the physical being and environment through exercises that challenge the body’s movementcharise #4 or perspective patterns. Softer movement methods that combine anatomical awareness with active meditation improve balance, posture, and core stability as well as overall function through an acute attention to proper body mechanics and mental connection with movement. Coaching is progressive and clients are moved through their goal steps in a fashion that creates a better functioning body from the ground up and the inside out. Take full advantage of our instructors expertise in our small settings, classes are limited to 4 participants and are held in dedicated rooms (pictured below) to create the right environment to get the most out of your practice. Gaiam Yoga mats and props provided for your practice. We combine our mind/body offerings with outdoor activity; to improve mental wellbeing and to reconnect to a primal aspect of human function to accelerate improved health. Follow these links to learn more about Yoga and Pilates at the Performance Locker!

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The Chakra Room

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The Dharma Room


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