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Our Registered Dietitian Melissa Tolan-Halleck offers specialized coaching, address special dietary needs, and address behavioral roadblocks concerning nutrition improvement.

To help you streamline your nutrition we offer several educational formats but one that is most beneficial to kick-start a lasting, targeted change is a 30 minute Laser Focus session or a 60 minute Personal Nutrition Coaching Session. E-mail or call 989.884.1702 to schedule your Laser Focus Session and empower yourself with accurate nutrition information and support from a professional dietitian.

30 Minute Laser Focus Nutrition Session 
How amazing would it be to have your own personal dietitian for 30 minutes to intensely focus on whatever it is you need most right now? This session is a great follow up to the initial personal coaching session as you are provided tips and tools to practice and then take some time to reassess…  No fluff, just sit down and get right to the heart of what you need to know, what you are having trouble with or how to move past a sticking point.  Laser Focus are available as much as you need them and the conversation is 100% dictated by what you want to address. Cost $40.00

askthedietitian_new60 Minute Personal Nutrition Coaching 
Success with your nutrition begins with information, learning how to apply it to YOUR life is where the magic happens.  Each person is unique in their nutritional needs and action steps, what works for some might not work for others.  One on One nutrition coaching gives you the opportunity to sit down with our Registered Dietitian to talk about what matters more for you and devise your personal plan to success. Cost $75.00

At Performance Locker we do nutrition education different (well, we pretty much do everything different). We have three main philosophies when it comes to nutrition:

1: Chew Your Food & Stop Dieting
(as in eat fresh whole foods and learn balance so you don’t feel the need to “diet”).

2: Learn the difference between eating to be thin vs. eating to be healthy (we focus on the latter which is fairly opposite from what modern media and marketing tells us).
To help you streamline your nutrition we offer several educational formats but one that is most beneficial to kick-start a lasting, targeted change is a 30 minute Laser Focus session. This is 30 one-on-one minutes with Registered Dietitian Cheryl Bates and the topic of your choice. Maybe you have special dietary concerns, maybe you need help reducing sugar, maybe you need help figuring out how to balance healthy eating with a hectic lifestyle. Whatever topic you choose, Cheryl will help you devise a plan to achieve success. E-mail to schedule your Laser Focus Session today!

3. Eating with the Seasons
Let’s think back to our ancestors… they only ate what was in season because that was there only choice… but today when we go to the store, every fruit and vegetables can be found regardless of what time of year it is. By consuming foods that are in season we give our bodies a wider variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Visit the local farmer’s market to get started! You can find out what’s in season, where your food was grown, how it was grown, and who grew it. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables are more nutritious and can eat easier knowing your food didn’t travel 1000’s of miles before reaching the plate. Simply put, Mother Nature knows best; she grows exactly what your body needs, when you need it most. Eating with the Seasons is a simple way to become more in tune and grounded with the world around you. Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Check out our “In-Season” Recipes here and try something new!


Melissa Tolan- Halleck MS, Registered Dietitian
Melissa has earned both of her degrees from MSU with a special emphasis on not only the what of nutrition and the sciences but rather the how and why…  Melissa takes a unique approach to nutrition and lifestyle—making it very personalized and real in order to achieve sustainable behavior change.  Her practical approach will leave you with many take homes and tips and tools that will be useful as well as effective.



Stay Tuned for more Educational Hands On Workshops… Coming Soon! Click Here to See Our Schedule of Nutrition Clinics and Workshops.

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