Performance Locker Health Investment Options

An investment to improve your health is the first step to building a life without limits. We have 3 client membership options to choose from and a variety of ala-cart menu items to assure that everyone can have the Performance Locker experience.


Daily Chalkboard Workout: Coach on hand to warm up and introduce a programmed workout; go at your own pace with a coach on hand to assist if desired.
Small Tribe Personal Training: Low coach- to-client ratio personal training in a supportive and challenging atmosphere. Individually layered progressive exercise suited for those interested in greater strength, stamina, and endurance.
One-on-One Training: Individual 1-hour sessions with a Personal Trainer, Chef, Registered Dietician, or Mind/Body Practitioner.
Laser Focus: 30-minute specific goal coaching.
Mind/Body Classes: Low teacher-to-client ratio Yoga (including Iyengar, Gentle, Vinyasa, Fire Yoga and Stand-up Paddle board Yoga) and mat-based Pilates.
Nutrition: Variety of offerings combining the skills of a Registered Dietician and a trained Chef.
Outdoors: Everything from free group bike rides to how-to lessons and professional bike fittings.
Kinesio Taping: Speed recovery, correct imbalance, awaken muscles, and promote healing.
Special Camps & Programs: Any & Everything!


Client Membership Levels

PL Lyte
For the time-crunched and free-spirited
> Daily Chalkboard Workout (up to once per day)
> Mind/Body Classes (up to two per week)
> Nutrition Science – Monthly special topics class

$90/month with annual investment  ($100 if no annual investment)


PL Lifestyle
You’re as serious about health as the sun is about shining
> Small Tribe Personal Training      (up to once per day)
> Daily Chalkboard Workout        (up to once per day)
> Mind/Body Classes     (up to once per day)
> Nutrition Science  – Monthly special topics nutrition class and/or cooking workshop


$165/month with annual investment ($190 if no annual investment)

PL Lifestyle Elite
Master Level Jedi Training
> Small Tribe Personal Training (up to once per day)
> Daily Chalkboard Workout
> Mind/Body Classes (up to once per day)
> Nutrition Science – Monthly special topics nutrition class and/or cooking workshop and 15% discount on multi-week programs
> PL Signature Programs – 15% discount on all special fitness camps and programs – Free entry to all special outdoor classes & workshops (equipment fee may apply)
> Bonus Gifts – Bike fitting, monthly Kinesio Taping, Lifestyle Level membership for children 14-18 yrs.
> Laser Focus Session – Once per month


$250/month with annual investment ($300 without annual investment)

We make it easy for you! Membership fees are collected monthly via Electronic Funds Transfer from the bank account, debit, or credit card of your choice (as long as it belongs to you … but hey, if you figure out how to tap into someone else’s Swiss bank account … let us know! (just kidding about that last part)



Ala-Cart Menu

Single session options

Functional Movement Screen                     $20 (Free with membership)
Daily Chalkboard Workout                         $12 (must have FMS)
Small Tribe Training                                    $20 (FMS; 6 session minimum)
1-on-1 Training                                              $75 (FMS; 5 session minimum)
Laser Focus Session                                     $40 (not more than 1 per month)
Mind/Body Classes                                      $15
Outdoor Adventure                                      $15 (equipment fee may apply)
Kinesio Taping                                              $20
Special Topics Nutrition                             $12
Cooking Workshop                                      $15
Special Multi-week programs                    TBD
Special Camps                                               TBD
Bike Fitting                                                   $50
Bike Tuning                                                  $30 (+ parts)

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