Pilates at Performance Locker is based on the Traditional Joseph Pilates matwork repertoire with a contemporary twist. We focus on whole body movement and balanced muscle development to give you a well rounded, total body workout. You will flow through a series of functionally based movements that work on both flexibility and strength, while using the breath to truly bridge the gap betwecharise #4en mind and body. It is our intent that you will leave the studio feeling centered, relaxed and with a happy heart. Gaiam Mats and other props provided for your Pilates practice.

Pilates Mat Level One: 
With a strong focus on breathing and core engagement Pilates Mat Level 1 delves deep into the fundamentals of Pilates. Body awareness increases as we learn what it feels like to stabilize the spine and pelvis; moving within a safe range while simultaneously challenge the body. This class is for those who are new to the practice and for those who would like to dig deep into the true magic that is Pilates.

Pilates Mat Level Two: 
Level 2 is for those who are ready to advance their current Pilates Practice. We will explore more advanced movements as our increased body awareness allows us to move closer to practicing with a neutral spine. This intense and active practice is meant to challenge the entire body as the breath strokes the fires of the core.

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So what is Pilates, really? There are five pillars that make up a Joseph Pilates inspired experience, to better understand your practice Charise will breakdown each of the pillars in this 5 videos below. Learn a little more of the WHY to get the most out of your studio experience.  Familiarizing yourself with each of the various principles will assist in getting the most out of each session at the Performance Locker and deepen your Pilates practice.

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