Many runners travel long distances to experience conditions and scenery like we have here in Alpena.  Our area is packed with miles of beautiful shoreline to make your run enjoyable (check out the Alpena Bi-Path for a number of beautiful runs right in town).  If it’s a more rugged experience you seek be sure to head out to our trail systems; Norway Ridge and Chippewa Hills (

Our mission for runners at the Performance Locker is to build durability and longevity so you can enjoy running for years to come.  Some of our most effective offerings for runners include;

FMS screening – This is our initial movement screen and can be a wealth of valuable info for runners.  There are key imbalances and dysfunctions in movement that when paired with running can spell disaster down the road on our bodies.  The FMS helps us discover and deal with these potential roadblocks before they become a problem.  To schedule click here Don’t see a time that works for you? Call 989-884-1702 or email to schedule a time.

Rock Taping – No more expensive and clunky braces for running aches and pains.  This simple yet powerful tool can do a number of amazing things for runners including; manage sore and achey joints, add stability to joins and muscles, speed recovery and support positive and effective movement during your stride. To schedule click here Don’t see a time that works for you? Call 989-884-1702 or email to set an appointment.

Soft tissue and Recovery work – All Performance Locker workouts begin with some time on the foam roller.  This tool is a runners best friend for helping to speed recovery after all those miles.  As part of a balanced workout plan it can also help diminish the types of aches and injuries that come with repetitive activity such as running.  We also offer performance and corrective massage at the Performance Locker every Friday through Better Living Massage Center and Spa.  To book your appointment call 989-356-2221

To see and sign up for outdoor adventure at the Performance Locker Click Here 

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