Small Tribe Workout First Hand Look and Insider Tips

Here is an insiders look at what Small Tribe Training is all about.

Strength (Colossus & Rogue) 

Why we do it; Strength is a sexy word today but what is it really? At Performance Locker we define strength as the battle between your body and outside forces (like gravity). Functional strength is when you win this battle, moving weight with bad form is gravity winning (which means you loose). Strength workouts teach your body to work together to produce or resist force (like in real life). We teach your core to connect your upper and lower half and your limbs and joints to efficiently turn stored energy into positive force. What does that do for you? Builds durability in the body by teaching it to distribute force effectively (like a suspension bridge). The key to good strength training is that it builds the foundation support system (joint integrity & core stability) in conjunction with prime movers (popular muscles, back, chest, legs, ect.). That way your joints can support the force your body is capable of producing. Bench pressing 400lbs is awesome, until you tear a shoulder (wha wha wha)
What to expect; Strength day is the chameleon of Performance Locker workouts. For some it will look more like a balance or stability training, for some more of a focused movement day and for others a day where we move some heavy ass weights. Our coaching methods and programming allow us to make the strength workout focus on what you need most; stability, movement or loaded movement. To confuse the matter even more it will look different for every exercise you do. movement patterns your body likes we can challenge, the ones it doesn’t we try to fix. The more efficient your movements become the more layers of challenge we can add, that ladies and gentlemen is where the fun begins.
How to get the most out of it; you have to learn to control it before you move it and you have to learn to move it before you can load it. Squats start with good postural and pelvic control, then learning to keep control through movement then we get to add weight, adding weight to dysfunction will only strengthen the dysfunction. Ego has to be checked at the door on Strength days. Be realistic with where you are at and you will go far to improve. Be focused, in the moment and connected with your movement be patient, earn your progression and the strength will come. Always just keep in mind, the part of the workout you like the least is most likely the part you need the most.

Speed/Power (Wolverine)
Why we do it; speed is the forgotten step child of general fitness. This type of training is usually only reserved for “athletes” but for all of us life happens fast, if our bodies are not used to moving fast guess what happens? Speed is the byproduct of many valuable attributes, when we teach you how to move fast the benefits are felt in all areas of fitness and life. The muscle fibers and energy systems (fuel) your body uses for fast movement can not be trained or developed during slow strength training or long duration endurance training. What does at mean? Unless speed is addressed a balanced body can never be obtained. Another major win for speed training is it teaches the mind and the body to communicate rapidly and effectively. This improved communication gives us physical confidence and that can be a life changer.
What to expect; Speed can be a scary word but always remember fast is a relative term. Fast for you is different than fast for your neighbor. Performance Locker speed workouts are designed so you can go at “your fast”. Our coaches will work hard to make sure you do not get overly fatigued during maxim speed and power work. the muscles and fuel that supply fast movement have little endurance and take a long time to recover (think of them like husbands :-). You can expect short intense sets with lots of recovery time in between. The goal is to keep velocity up as long as possible throughout the workout. After a good speed workout you should not feel even close to “beat up” (unless it’s a power endurance day, those just suck)
How to get the most out of it; Go as fast as you can not as fast as you cant. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. The foundation of speed is control, the second we loose control we open the door for injury and loose any forward progress. Always think control over speed, this can be hard at first but the more you embrace it the faster and more powerful you will become (picture the emperor from Star Wars talking as you read that last line). Most of our fitness has taught us to move at a more consistent/endurance pace, that won’t work here. Don’t hold back. if you have 10 seconds to go, GO. The sets in these workouts will be short, once you have reached a comfort level with the movement/exercises see if you can get “breathless” in the working time allotted.

Endurance (Storm)
Why we do it; “Cardio”, there is another one of those buzz words we keep hearing. Yes endurance training is amazing for your heart and lungs but once again we have found a way to mess it up. There is a massive difference between 60 minutes on the ellipitcal and playing a pick up soccer game with your kids and their friends. We know endurance is important for all those activities you love (or want) to do so our goal is to give you endurance that will translate into the real world. We say down with hamster wheels! Let the cardio revolution begin!!
What to expect; This is not your fathers endurance workout. Treadmills, recumbent bikes and elliptical machines have long dominated the “cardio” workout world but we say no more! Endurance training (or cardio) is all about getting your heart rate up and keeping it up for an extended duration. The easiest way to do this is repetitive motion (like the elliptical) it does the job but let’s be honest, it’s boring and brings all the baggage repetitive motion carries with it. We choose a number of modalities and equipment to promote 3 dimensional movement for sustained periods, why? Because it’s fun and wildly effective. Expect to work far more than your resting, get sweaty and possibly hit things (not your workout partners; well….. maybe on fight club day)
How to get the most out of it; Quality of movement is still king when endurance is being trained. Movement comes first always. Regress when you need, take breaks if your body is telling you to and most of all learn to relax. Efficient movement (ie, movement that can be sustained for a long time) is more about learning when to “turn off” than when to turn on. Always think of flowing movement to conserve energy to keep you going stronger longer (that’s what she said)

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