Training at the Performance Locker centers around one thing, Movement.  The goal of every workout is to help people move better then to layer strength, speed, endurance on top of that good movement.  We approach training like a contractor would approach a build, the foundation comes first.  Before adding a second story on a house a good contractor will first go down to the basement and make sure the foundation is sound and can handle the extra stress the new addition will put on it.  If he finds a problem he will fix it before adding the second story.  Our training begins with your FMS screening, from there we have 2 different types of workouts to fit peoples goals, schedules and lifestyle; Chalkboard workouts and Small Tribe Training.

FMS & Band system
Each client that comes into the Performance Locker is taken through an FMS screening.  This a 7 movement assessment that will help out team of teachers and coaches personalize each experience to your particular needs.  The FMS will let us know your strenghts and weakness, it will help us identify any cracks in the foundation.  This information helps us determine 2 important training variables; what exercises do you need to be doing to correct weaknesses or imbalances and what exercises could potentially cause more harm than good.  During workout each client will wear colored wrist bands so the coaches can easily identify their areas of strength and weaknesses.  The bands let us know when it is ok to push and when we need to modify.  Don’t get to comfortable with those bands though, the goal is to get rid of them.  We spend time in each Small Tribe Workout activally trying to correct imbalances to get rid of those bands.  Once a client is “cleared” of all bands they earn the coveted Black Band and become a Movement Jedi (that band you get to keep)

Chalkboard Workouts
Chalkboard workouts are quick, effective and drop in friendly.  You can expect a little bit of everything in each workout including mobility, stability, strength, speed, endurance and core training.  They are a very easy to follow and user freindly format that allow clients to go at the pace and intensity that suits their needs.  You can choose to progress through slowly or drop the hammer depending on what your body needs that day.  In the Chalkboard workout we use your colored bracelets to make sure you are doing the progression of each exercise that fits your current needs and abilities.  The colored bands tell us exactly which exercises to modify for you so we can personalize the experience.
Chalkboard workouts are perfect for:
  • 9-5ers or busy parents who need to get quick effective workouts in during their lunch hour or after work
  • People who want the freedom to go at their own pace and create their own workout experience under the helpful eyes of skilled coaches
  • Those with crazy schedules that make planning or committing workouts a nightmare or out of town guests, family or friends.
  • People who enjoy more of a “Workout of the Day” type experience
Small Tribe Training
Programmed, progressive, periodized, personalized training in a small group setting.  We make sure their is one coach for every 8 clients to ensure people get the personal attention you need and deserve.  Good fitness is a lifelong journey and should be sustainable over years and years.  We design and develop our workout cycles so they eb and flow varying between high and low intensity, duration and complexity.  Beating people up with exercises is easy, we want to keep you in the game and performing at a hight level at all times and that takes planning.  Each week builds on the week before it so when it comes time to really challenge an exercise or workout you have had an opportunity to be successful; you have to learn to swim before you can race right?  Each workout is focused on a particular goal allowing us time to coach, develop and practice.  Here is the basic schedule breakout;
Thursday – Strength/Stability B
Friday – Challenge
Our biggest goal during Small Tribe Workouts is to get rid of those colored bands!  We send time each workout actively correcting problem areas uncovered by the FMS screen.
Small Tribe Training is perfect for:
  • Active individuals and weekend warriors who want to be able to keep up your activities into your 80s
  • Those who dream of living an active lifestyle but find their are physical barriers standing in your way
  • Anybody who hates colored bands and want to get rid of them!
  • If becoming a movement Jedi you seek, Small Tribe is the Training for you.

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