Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a moving breathing meditation. This class is fast paced and will help you build strength and improve your balance. Vinyasa classes are designed to be challenging; weaving balance and standing postures together. This style allows for a lot of variety and is centered around the strong foundation of sun salutations. You will leave class feeling long and strong! Students are encouraged to take breaks as needed. Prior Yoga experience is a prerequisite for this class.  Click Here to Sign Up

Vinyasa Flow is Perfect For…

  • Individuals with a strong Yoga practice
  • Individuals who like to challenge themselves physically and mentally
  • If the words Vinyasa and Chaturanga mean something to you… 😉
  • Active individuals seeking balance, strength, and flexibility on and off the Yoga mat

Learn More About Vinyasa Yoga Here

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