We are Not Selling Motivation

My Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook feeds are chalk full of post, pictures, quotes and stories intended to motivate and inspire people to live a  more active lifestyle.

Fitness is an industry and a business.  As with any business there is a product/service being bought and sold.  Based on my perspective and experience in the industry for the last 10 years I would say with confidence this product is accountability and motivation.  I see our industry as one that works very hard to motivate people to workout, go to the gym and attempt to offer accountability to those who get started.

#MotivationMonday, #TrainingTuesday, #FitnessFriday, #Fitspo can be searched across a number of social networks.  Most of the posts you see attached to these hastags are of inspirational quotes, attrative/strong people we should want to look like and post like “I regret doing that workout; said by no one ever”.  Many of the programs in our industry offer “accountability”, a coach or a group that will look after you and make sure you will stay on task.

It’s snake oil.

Motivation can not be bought or sold.

Accountability can not be bought or sold.

The problem is thinking that motivation or accountability can come from outside sources, they can not.  These traits can only come from with in.  If you are not personally movated by a goal or achievment there is not a force on earth that can motivate you.  What does motivation mean?  You are not only willing but excited to make sacrifices to make that goal a reality.  If that is the case you will hold yourself more accountable than anyone else ever could because achieving that goal means something special to you.

So if the fitness industry can not offer you motivation or accountability what can we offer?

Simply a guide.

A teacher if you will.  Someone who has walked the path and can guide you on your journey.  Someone who has been through the pitfalls and can use those lessons to make your path a more efficient one.  Someone who can guide you in the right direction and help you separate fact from fiction.

If it is motivation you seek my advice is to look inward.  Look deep into your heart and ask yourself “why do I want this?”.  When you find a compelling answer within yourself motivation and accountability will no longer be an issue.  Once you have discovered your driving force you now have two choices, figure it out yourself or find a guide.  Both are 100% effective the only question to ask yourself is “am I willing/passionate enough to put 10 years or 10,000 hours into becoming a master of developing movement skills?”

If the answer is no, then go find someone who answered yes.

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